Since we are working on various commercial and semi-virtual world is an imaginary world of the Internet had to be a convention to ensure the company's client and the right without any distinction or decrease, so we have put several points to facilitate the deal between the company and its customers and clients to ensure their rights Company is subject to all provisions of the Convention as our customers are willing to undergo what we need from the Convention and God help you!

The terms of the design and programming
  • The company does not design and programming of any site violates the Islamic Sharia
  • If the design is required to pay the full amount before the start of anything
  • If programming is required to pay half the cost of programming before you start and the other half after completion, and seeing him on one of our        servers
  • If the customer wants any changes after the specified period to support the design or programming must pay fees for these amendments
  • In the event of delay in the payment of the amount remaining after you send your message Takbarakm Binthaina of the work required more than three        days, will be put to work for sale
  • The Company is not responsible for the theft of work or to imitate him by any person
  • No customer is entitled to cancel the project without giving a reason, and, if requested by the cancellation of that project does not restore any of the        amounts that have been received
  • No customer is entitled to recover any amount paid only in the cases mentioned by the company
  • trictly forbidden to remove the rights of the design or programming in the case of the client's desire to remove them is to agree on an amount to be paid
The terms of the hosting services
  • Be paid the value of hosting a once-a fragmentation of the amount may not be
  • No information is sent hosting or domain only after ascertaining the amount of reception
  • Customer is entitled to recover the amount within 10 days after its installation if provided reasons for the imbalance in the host after the deduction of any        expenses of the company
  • No customer is entitled to sell or rent the space from the sub does not assume any responsibility or technical support for those who do so
  • Bear full responsibility for the client what is published in the area of legal terms and Menztb the closure of the survey area, or we have
  • Not to publish anything contrary to Islamic law and doctrine of the Sunnis and the Community
  • We undertake to save all your personal information is in the area of confidentiality
  • Prevents the loading any banned substances on the Site (server) materials such as spy ware or malicious programs and files and viruses
  • Company is committed to any defect caused by servers and undertake the delivery of the necessary
  • The company snapped net backup from the site constantly to avoid any malfunction occurs or any ill results from improper use by the client
  • The company is committed to pay 2% for each day of delay agreed upon in the design or programming
  • No customer is entitled to remove the Company's rights in any circumstances
  • The company is not responsible for any operations or agreements are made outside phone numbers or e-mail or transfer information listed on our        website
  • The company is not responsible for lack of familiarity with the service on the terms of the agreement prior to payment and get the service
  • No customer is entitled to sell or distribute this script / design, but official approval of us included in official papers
  • The company has the full right to change one of the items at any time without recourse to the client