Our mission and goal

Our mission is to provide high quality, modern and professional web solutions to all kinds of businesses regardless of its size either small, medium or giant corporations in a very competitive cost than traditional consulting firms. Through strategic partnerships and over ten years' experience on the web, Shorian continues to deliver high quality solutions to businesses of all sizes on international level. We strive to deliver a full-service solution to our clients, covering all aspects of the web site development process: From the initial consultation, to their domain name registration, to their web hosting needs, to the final site launch.

Our successful websites begin with a strategy and end with useable content. Many times, these crucial elements are absent in a business website, which can be detrimental to the business. After all, a website is a direct reflection on the company and its owners. At Shorian we've taken measures to learn new technologies and web strategies. We can work with you to define your company's goals and help you reach these goals. With Shorian, we can support and enhance your bright ideas on a successful business website.

Our Goals
  • To be the leading and topnotch web services provider globally.
  • Respect our partners (customers, suppliers, and employees) with integrity and dignity.
  • We maintain flexibility and embrace changes if necessary to maintain high quality output at a very reasonable cost.
  • Providing our customers with highly visible and comprehensive web pages at reasonable rates.
  • Sustain profitability without compromising our reputation and customer relationships.
  • Guaranteed that our products and services are delivered as scheduled.
  • Commitment to continuous advancement and innovation in order to maintain customer service, quality of our products and self-improvement.
  • Maximize our technology available to us to provide low cost solutions, better service, and faster response times.
  • Embrace growth by establishing targets and achieving them
  • Provide customers with a stable in-house web hosting service that allows for high speed web navigation and 99.99% up-time.