Digital Marketing Agency Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Digital marketing agencies are busy these days. The field is evolving, the customers use more mobile devices to shop, and the companies need to increase competitive advantage, so marketers are finding their hands full of tasks.

“What’s new?” and “what’s next?” are two questions that are commonly asked at marketing meetings and conferences because the trends in the industry are developing as fast as ever.

Clearly, one needs to keep an eye on digital marketing trends since they there is a lot of information to learn.

The report of digital marketing trends of 2015 revealed that content marketing, big data, marketing automation, mobile marketing, and social media marketing were the hottest trends last year.

These trends were fueled by an ever-increasing number of individuals using the internet and the rise in mobile browsing (see these trends in The State of Digital Marketing infographic).

To make it easier for you to determine the trends in digital marketing agencies that will make a difference in 2017, we have created a list of them in this article. Enjoy!

1. The Rise of Integrated Agencies

The digital marketing agencies and PR agencies will merge because of the need to coordinate social media and social media marketing.

Even though these two areas were even considered as incompatible by many marketers, the next years will more likely to see the rise in these integrated agencies because of the benefits they provide.

According to Alexander Martin, a senior marketer from Proessaywriting, the companies are now increasingly using social media to market their products, which cannot be managed by a PR or a digital marketing agency alone.

When PR professionals master the digital marketing and marketers understand PR, they could enhance the strategy by improving the reach, marketing messages, nurturing leads, findings new clients, and more.

2. Content Departments Will Receive More Business

Content is the most important thing when it comes to marketing because it is used to communicate, attract, engage, and sells, so it becomes more and more popular.

As the result, it is reasonable to expect that digital marketing agencies will adopt larger content departments to deal with a higher number of clients.

It will be fascinating to see how this one turns out because if the trend accelerates, content departments might become specialized and include more professionals.

3. Rise of Mobile Marketing

Mobile devices are now used to surf the Internet more than desktop computers. Everyone carries a smartphone nowadays, so this trend should not surprise anyone.


In the next years, the popularity of mobile browsing will accelerate even more, so marketing through mobile will become a great source of profits for digital marketing agencies (it has already become).

Understanding how to promote products through mobile will therefore be a great service that will be intensively used in 2017 and consequent years.

4. More Analytics

Marketing becomes more and more about data and already digital promotion is considered incomplete without the use of digital analytics.

The explanation is pretty simple: data collection and analytics provide greater insight into customers’ lives, desires, and preferences. They provide concrete, verified, and actionable information that can be used to make critical decisions in various business context, which allows to be flexible.

Almost all methods used by digital marketers today, including emails, coupon codes, web visits, and many other provide data that can be used for great benefits.

For example, Most Visited Pages metric is used to determine what pages on the website are the most popular among the viewers.

This could be huge if you are a blogger because they can put calls to actions there and increase conversion.

Moreover, they will understand the behavior of the customers, which might allow to come up with the topics that resonate with them.

5. Relationships with Clients Will Become “Fresher”

Nurturing leads and communicating with clientshas already become a huge thing in digital marketing, so it is sufficient to claim that this trend will continue in 2017 and beyond.


By regularly communicating with clients and contributing to their success, the agencies will receive more business because the clients will become more loyal.

On the other hand, losing clients could mean a number of issues that exist within a digital marketing agency, such as communication breakdown, better services in competitors, poor adaptation to the new conditions, and even loss of relevance.

Therefore, by staying in touch with the clients it will be possible for digital marketing agencies to stay competitive and close to them.

2017 will be an exciting year for digital marketing agencies because it will bring some changes that will make their business more effective.