The State Of In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills 2015

Marketers today need to develop digital skills to stay relevant and keep their marketing practices on track with the current trends.

In today’s world, the marketing landscape is becoming progressively digital…

This means that it is essential for marketers now, to be well-versed in the digital age, and to develop and maintain their digital skill-sets accordingly, in order to remain competitive.

Smart InsightseCommerce Expo andTechnology for Marketing and Advertising teamed up to create an infographic that looks at the current state of digital marketing skill-sets. Do companies hire the right marketers with the skills needed to keep them ahead of the curve?

The infographic further delves into topics such as: What drives the demand for digital skills? Which skills are most sought after? Which skills are most lacking? How challenging is it to recruit the right marketer?

These are all questions answered by the infographic:

digital marketing skills 2015

Organizations need to invest in digital skills of employees

The infographic also reveals that organizations do not support short-term courses and events, instead, they seek free resources such as news sites and blogs for information.

While online sources can be a good aid, organizations can benefit greatly from embracing a more supportive and giving culture that encourages growth and invests in developing digital skills of their people.

Have you already developed these digital marketing skills?

Now that you know the most in-demand digital skills, you may get ahead of the curve by developing and maintaining these skill-sets accordingly. If you believe that you’re the marketer companies are looking for, don’t forget to have a look at our list of digital marketing jobs to find out if you’re a good fit for a digital agency. DAN Job Board displays digital agency jobs from leading digital marketing agencies!