How Retargeting Can Grow..

Revealing the best practices for the most effective retargeting campaigns!

Retargeting is a marketing method that helps convert window-shoppers into buyers. Many big and small companies are using this method for one simple reason: it works!

As a rule of thumb, most websites have a 2% conversion rate on the first visit. Retargeting can reach to the leftover 98% percent who don’t convert right away.

If done right, retargeting is a powerful tool in the hands of a marketer. So here’s introducing you to retargeting and how it can help grow your business.

What is retargeting?

Retargeting is a form of online advertising that uses ads to keep your brand visible even after the user has left your website. It’s the perfect way to get your past visitors back to your website and determine them to complete an action: register for special offers and newsletters or make a purchase.

How does it work?

Retargeting is a cookie-based technology that uses simple a JavaScript code to anonymously ‘follow’ your audience all over the Web.

This code creates a list of people that visit your site by placing anonymous retargeting “cookies” in their browser. This list allows retargeting vendors to display retargeting ads to your potential customers as they visit other sites.

retargeting how it works

Based on the user’s interests, personalized and targeted ads can be strategically placed in an attempt to attract the user back to your company’s website.

How can retargeting grow your business?

Every time a potential customer sees your retargeting ad, your brand gains exposure and recognition. The increased conversions and high click-through rates are usually the result of good branding and repetition with retargeting.

So here are some secrets that can unleash the true potential of retargeting:

    • Pop-up subscription requests

      A dynamic way to earn subscribers. When your user is active on your website a pop-up can convince him to subscribe to your newsletter. It keeps your prospects engaged and gets them to opt-in your email list. Once you have the email, you can suggest some products and discounts in the confirmation email.
    • Share your bestsellers

      You already know the products that are most popular on your site – your bestsellers. Why not use this information? Target your existing customers and share your top three bestsellers with retargeting and watch them sell even more.
    •  Cross-sell to current customers

      Retargeting can also be effective when it comes to existing customers. If a customer makes a purchase from your website, you can recommend products that compliment it. For e.g. if a user purchases a pair of gloves, recommend a matching scarf or hat to accompany it.
    • Target customers who leave their shopping cart

      According to a study by Wishpond, 26% of users who abandon their shopping cart are convinced to make a purchase using this tactic. These customers are almost on the verge of buying and need one little push. You can try offering a 5% discount or free shipping to convince them to complete the checkout process.
    • Behavioral retargeting to attract more customers

      Behavioral retargeting is a method used by marketers to send triggered emails to users based on their browsing behavior. It allows advertisers to test different landing pages to their potential customers across the sales funnel, to maintain the relationship with potential customers and build brand awareness.


      It is a great way to maximize your ROI and communicate effectively with existing customers.

Retargeting is one of the most effective ways to target a user at a given time with a given message. So make it a part of your digital marketing strategy and watch it increase sales, improve ROI and create conversions for you!